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  • Covers 8 major knowledge areas, includes 
    • Chinese
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Body health
    • Moral education
    • Art
    • Chinese culture




Chinese Curriculum Objectives:
The development of children’s language is closely related to the study and development of various fields. The cultivation of language ability has an important influence on the ability of developing interpersonal communication, understanding and judgment, and organizing their own thinking. Through different interactive activities to expand children’s life experience, enrich the content of children’s language expression, to further expand the learning experience, lay the foundation.

English Curriculum Objectives:
Use funny stories, living situations and activities, combined with visual, auditory and dynamic learning patterns, to develop children’s interest and ability to learn second language. Through the systematic learning process, learning English pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence patterns, to stimulate children’s English learning potential and self-confidence.

Mathematics Curriculum Objectives:
So that children master the basic mathematical concepts, the amount of perceived differences, learning graphic graphics and three-dimensional graphics and other geometric knowledge, training children’s basic mathematical concepts and the development of logical thinking ability, learn from different angles to observe and think about the problem, to solve the mathematical problems in life, The basis of lifelong learning.

Science Curriculum Objectives:
Guide children to pay attention to the scientific phenomenon around, to stimulate children to carefully observe the surrounding environment and things, to understand the relationship between nature and life, the establishment of classification, comparison, reasoning and other exploration ability, cultivate young children willing to move hands, find and solve problems, germination of interest in science.

Health Curriculum Objectives:
Through a wide range of learning the world, expand the vision of young children, to develop children to explore the power of knowledge. Through the knowledge to learn, strengthen the logical ability, ability to judge, communication skills, learning good interpersonal communication skills, for learning and growth to establish a solid foundation.


Moral Curriculums Objectives:
Encourage children to establish happiness and self-confidence through activities, willing to take the initiative to communicate with people, polite and respect for others, and willing to accept other people’s views, to comply with the basic rules of social behavior; learn to express themselves, and strive to do the ability to do, Love the family, love others, love teachers, love companions of the fine character.


Art Curriculums Objectives:
Enrich children’s emotional experience and emotional experience, the initial experience of the environment, life, the beauty of art, feel the good things in life and touching stories, guide children to enjoy the works of art, encourage creation and sharing, the development of children’s observation, imagination and Creative power.


Chinese Culture Curriculums Objectives:
Chinese culture has a long history, contains from ancient times so far the Chinese nation’s life wisdom, cultural experience. Through the interesting traditional stories, deepen children’s understanding of traditional culture, so that children experience the life culture and national characteristics, carry forward the spirit of the Chinese nation, heritage of Chinese culture.