Management Team

Chairman Mr. Jonathan So

Mr. So is the founder of the brand “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” (PGBBW). Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a cartoon series comprise of more than 1000 TV episodes.  In the year 2009, his first full-length animated movie feature – “PGBBW: The Super Adventure” was successfully published and premised with record breaking revenues in the China.


Mr. So provides creativity to the brand as well as setting direction to the company’s financial and business management.  Mr. So has more than 20 years’ field experience in international business development.  He is also well versed in intellectual property laws and regulation in both United States and China has successfully placed into the Chinese market numerous highly sought after licensed consumer goods and products.  His own recognizable characters from Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf can be seen on clothing, school supplies, F & B, toys, and other countless consumer products.  These licensed characters can also be seen on various published formats and media such as comic books, novels, soundtracks and DVDs.


Mr. So is also one of the largest publishers of educational and recreational children’s books in China.  His insight for mass distribution of published books to the public is ingenious.  Mr. So is able to bring books to young readers not only through traditional channels of distribution but also through more frequent distribution channels such as local grocery stores.  The result is immediate distribution from the press to the consumer.


Mr. So’s ability to bring products quickly and effectively to the China market has brought many reknown companies to consult with Mr. So to develop their own line of licensed consumer products available for the Chinese consumer.


Mr. So also had a dream for animation to both teach and entertain children.  He therefore decided to bring animation and app elements into educational content, making learning fun and interactive.  Mr. So noticed that App Learning will be the new trend of education.  Thus, he and his team developed series of Learning Apps covering different categories such as reading, interactive learning, games, and assessment tool, etc.  Students’ interest in learning and the learning effectiveness is enhanced through these interactive apps.